Friday, December 11, 2015

Over The Horizon Attack Technology, Aerosol Chemical Spraying, and the American Stasi

Over The Horizon Attack Technology, Aerosol Chemical Spraying, and the American Stasi

Over The Horizon Attack Technology, Aerosol Chemical Spraying, and the American Stasi
As its name implies, Over The Horizon (OTH) technology is about defeating limits posed to sensing equipment like radar, and to energy weapons including (But not limited to)  laser and microwaves, by a planets curvature or mountanous horizons.  Most energy weapons and sensing technologies used to require a line-of-sight to operate against a target.  OTH radar was the first attempt to overcome the limitations of line-of-sight, and the early testing of various configurations was met with varying degrees of success, though none were 100% effective, and most were far from it.
OTH technologies of all types were not well developed until the advent of atmospheric plasma technology.  As stated, there was some OTH taking place before that, via satellite and antenna relay, but until aerosoled chemical plasmas came into being, disguised as ENMOD weather control, the successful use of Over The Horizon Technology was not realized.  OTH was the holy grail of Directed Energy Weaponry (DEW) because it allows individuals, or even whole cities to be targeted with high deniability, because a lot of the directed energy weapons developed by Russia and America during the cold war are still secret as well as invisible except to measuring equipment like ultrasound detectors, uv meters, and spectrum analyzers.  These types of equipment are all very expensive and not widely advertised, even discouraged, because secrecy of this weapons system is of the utmost priority.  If people start measuring the electromagnetic smog they are living in, oh what a surprise they will get!  High amplitude energy spikes will be evident as well, and on a regular basis.  This deniable technology allows individuals to undergo massive abuse by invisible energies, and this type of attack is being used more and more by a new world order government which has become actually dependent on mind control of all types, especially electronic mind control, also known as Psychotronics.  Watch the skies, you will see.  Then count the antennae. Finally, consider all the unknowns, like satellites, and hand held or drive-by fly-by psychotronic weapons.  This a covert and very effective attack on gun ownership by world royalty, disguised as a benefit.
OTH employs ultrasonics, laser, microwaves, and more.  Some questions about this technology are answered with half truths concerning ENMOD, Environmental Modification.  Some of the Over-The-Horizon DEW certainly is ENMOD, even though that was illegal until 911 created the Patriot Act, because energies of these magnitudes definitely affect the life forms on the surface of the planet.  As well, the microwave platforms in orbit can leave their mark on crops, this is a widely known phenomena now.  Or they can do these deeds invisibly across cities and other areas people inhabit where pavement presides.    When you get hit with microwaves from the various sources it messes up your guts, causes hate-like angers for no apparent reasons, even violenc, because you are being cooked.  Microwaves cook meat.  There are handhelds being used by the Stasi here in America, and some drones are equipped with this DEW.  It should be pretty evident how this nurtures the police state, creating work for the military police who have taken over our cities.   Can you say political tools of control?
Have you ever seen ants under intense sunlight from a magnifying glass?  Active aurorae possess many of the same attributes as a magnifiying glass, and this can be seen easily if you know what you are looking at though most people educated by zionist indoctrination here in the USSA are incompetent.
A lot of present day OTH technology was developed secretly as the Strategic Deense Initiuative (SDI), with the patriot act just allowing some of it "Out of the closet", as it were.  The patriot act also legitimized a well entrenched secret police very much like the Stasi of East Germany under Vladimir Putin.
The end of the cold war was symbolized by the destruction of the wall between East and West Germany.  That wall had been erected at the end of World War Two to split the spoils of war between the two major victors, the USA and the USSR.  In east Germany Russia installed a secret police called the Stasi, which was headed by Vladimir Putin during the time the cold war supposedly ended.  The Stasi secret police who did not get out of east East Germany before the  wall fell were hunted down and killed by the victims of their covert predation. 
Much was learned concerning mind control and harassment tactics before the so-called end of the cold war, and coupled with the psychotronic directed energy weapons which had been studied in Russia on the populace there since the 1920s, the Stasi was then moved to America and was installed as a secret police via some churches with deep masonic ties. Also the discoveries in South America by Dr. Alvarez in the 1920s are part of this suite of control technology.  He discovered the link between electromagnetics and the gut.
The masons and some other religious groups have all banded together (shall we say fused?) to become Americas newest secret police.  Instruction and software to harass and surveill Americans has been distributed as a faith based program through the churches, the same churches worshipping a lord, or even a king. Christian Fusion Centers and Masonic organizations professing to be part of a police force over 3000 years old are using every tool at their disposal to illegqally wiretap and photograph anyone they deem unfit.  These rogue outfits need to be identified and eliminated.  Israel is behind a lot of this, and the ADL is a big organizer and financer of this activity.
 The mormons began as quasi masonic with a new NSA facility near Salt Lake City Utah (The western DC), the lock on American freedom is nearly closed.  This is the REAL reason behind chemtrails...the weather modification is just about creating deniable distraction and catastrophe, and taking contriol of food and water so that guns can be confiscated under the auspices of emergency.  This is covered in depth in the book by Tom Bearden called FER DE LANCE.

Monday, November 16, 2015


The german contractors spraying chemicals over America on a daily basis have done so since 911, because it was the patriot act which made this kind of mind control  legal here.  Thanks Jorge!  NUKE PARAGUAY!!!

Control of an organisms environment, is control of the organism, and thats what this advanced chemical spraying is really all about.  One excuse given for this mind control operation of the Russian stasi police force here in America is RAINMAKING, and one facet of this tech certainly is rainmaking, but rainmaking also entails heavy manipulations of massive Electromagnetic energies and fields, which are the cause of many "New" mental disorders here.  Bipolar symptoms are nearly ientitcal to over expsure to EM btw.  Magneto-hydro-dynamics is the science, and the antennae are the tools.

The more mental disorder the world government can perp, the greater their leverage when it comes time to seize the guns.  Get it?  Its all about gun ownership, the nwo hates our guns, and will create any excuse they can to take them, whether it is a short term plan, or, more likely, a very long term plan, such as introduction of ENMOD through subterfuge and cunning.  The ENMOD convention of 1977 made most ENMOD activity illegal, so the patriot act was created to circumvent it legally, or legally enough for the bush crime family to act on information that was fed to them long ago, from nazi germany, and a few other places.

911 was demolition pure and simple, the scapegoating of Islam was just a way to pump a lot of cash into the middle east which is owned almost entirely by tel aviv and their minions like halliburton, and the bush crime family.

The truth of the whole matter is this: the russians had the tesla technology long before we did, evidenced by the fact that there was already a tesla museum in Belgrade in 1938!  Evidence also indicates the nazis were experimenting with some of the Tesla technology before we did, and deep research shows Tesla was a special student in the vatican archives as a young man, via his fathers pull .

THE RUSSIANS WON THE COLD WAR by using antennae technology from the other side of the world to dessicate Americas below-ground fresh water. This antenna technology was invented by and proven effective by Tesla in the early 1900s. Tunguska was a Tesla experiment to show Morgan the possibilities of the tech as weaponry.  

The churches who were harnessed as primary mind control in America were used to perp this chemical spraying.  The church leaders, internationalists ALL, (And Lord Lovers too!)  were told the drought was Gods punishment because America had departed from Christian control.  They idiotically swallowed the stories given them hook line and sinker.   America HAD to be hoodwinked, schnookered, into allowing this daily chemical spraying here, because Americans used to be too smart to allow stuff like this.

So.  The Tesla tech which Americans paid for through their taxes was given to the world government by traitors in our government, people fond of Lords and Kings, which this country was actually created to ABOLISH.  The world government then sold the technology back to Americas intellectual lower class as security and rainmaking, when in fact it was just remediation for their attack on us through russia.  There were definitely  overtones of the miraculous involved, and the dramatic nitwits ate it up. 

Control of food and water is one of monsantos/german nwo purposes, which will eventually make gun ownership forfeit here, the true goal.  Its why they have grown the police state so radically, in preparation for seizure of the guns.

The chemical contents of the daily sprayed lines is not forthcoming, and much is used as electronic mind control.  Active auroral energies are gargantuan.   Like ants under a magnifying glass, these are the days of your lives.

Not only did russia win the cold war, but they depleted our social security savings in the process, so that all social security now is debt to english and israeli banks via copyrighted "Code" which has changed our legal system into something unrecognizable from the original.

We as Americans MUST insist on FULL disclosure of these technologies which are rightly ours, which we paid for, and we must demand control of this technology for ourselves, with warnings to people in high risk areas, and a greater prosperity through American controlled currency so that americans can take better care of themselves. 

Audit the federal reserve if you want further answers about their ties to the world government, or better yet abolish it altogether so that congress runs our treasury again.

Article 5 of amendment 14 in our constitution states that we will not pay for our own overthrow and any debt incurred by some inside program with that in mind is null and void.  The proof is in the skies:  our national debt is thereby nullified.

We do not owe the world, we are the people who are owed, and owed big.  we created this world with our product and tax moneys.  Are there any countries that do not get mega-aid from us, even though some of our cities are going bankrupt and veterans and old people here are suffering because of lack of money?  The very same people who paid taxes all their lives to create this tyrannical overthrow.

We must demand control of our lives again, and of our collective product and currency, for the good of the people who have created it, the American people.  We must get the bloodsucking mind control demons OUT.  They are all pawns of world royalty who have one thing in mind: disarming the American populace.  Anyone loyal to royalty in the American government ought not to be there, and there are many here loyal to royalty, including most church and fraternal groups.  Those types are not Americans, they are servants of a foreign power on our soil.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Police State Gun Control

 Police State Gun Control

Americans are NOT to be policed.  Policing is just part of a long term gun control plan enacted back around the time our money was taken over by foreign interests.   The government is slowly trying to convince everyone they do not need guns because they are so well protected by police, and even though these police are a large part of a multi-faceted attack on  gun ownership in America, they generally deny this.  The police types are not even bright enough to know what American really means, or they would quit doing unAmerican things like policing the people, so their denials are about as true to life as network television, which is to say: Not Much.  Notice how the only industry growing in America is the police state.  The prison guard union is the largest union in America.

WAKE UP!  There is Nothing, not a word, concerning police, or the military, in our founding documents.  That was all added later by the international people who covertly conquered us by taking control of our money, and thereby the judicial.  Police are TAX ENFORCEMENT.  The militarized police state costs Americans at least 50% of their yearly gross national product.  You are paying taxes to support people who enslave you.  Any military we establish should be building and road engineers here in America but they are not, and they should also be our workers in space, except our space program is now mostly secret,  and is being used by the people who have conquered us through a paper money swindle to further deploy the American police state.  Can you say SATELLITES, and Active Auroral Technologies?  I knew you could.

Americans are NOT to be policed.  Vote Libertarian 2016.

Police forces in America began as a way to make work for large numbers of unemployed people, and to protect an elite who had begun illegally taxing us.  Not only are police a major force behind eventual gun control,  they do nothing really except harass Americans in a form of psyops through unrelenting Creation of fear.  Stalking, rampant surveillance -- they have even corrupted the mail services: The American Police State Mafia are really just terrorists and tax enforcement, plain and simple.  They also have been given the authority to tax us further if we get out of hand, with fines and penalties for any number of things, most of which goes into the elites coffers to pay the police.   If all goes as usual these statements will no doubt cause the police state mafia here to "Create"  some incidents in the future to convince me how much I "Need" their services, but its all just a lie and make work, and its been going on for over a century now.   The truth is we do not need the police because we have our guns, though most Americans are just a bunch of scared rabbits who no longer can see the truth unless it is "Interpreted" for them on TV.  What I really need protection from, and have none, is the police state mafia.  The attack on reading is part of all this too, don't you know?

The American military is now controlled by foreignors and is pretty much just a high tech stick-up bandit stealing from the world at large so that things like israel could be built with the spoils of their theft, and the militarization of the American police state didn't happen by chance.  Now a new SS, a secret police, a STASI composed of retired military men and women, and their counterparts in the police forces, are a kind of mafia here, employing the foreign and ready-made organization and communications technologies of this militarized American police state to spy and harass people they deem unfit.    This is unamerican activity at its finest, and the bottom line is its just a lead-in to more gun control!  DUH!


These people in the military and police who have become a mafia here are agents of a foreign\government which has already taken over our currency and judicial system with superfluous and frivolous lawmaking that serves only an elite, an elite who controls our money and a lot of other things.  The same elite who created the income tax btw.  You want homeland security you get the unAmerican scumbags who are loyal to royalty out of our government.  You get your guns in order, thats the only homeland security you will ever have.  Be an American, and not a toady of the crown. 

Lords and Kings are unAmerican.

Police have also led us to a secrecy state, a non-accountability that is abused at all levels, which has grown fantastically and is highly predatory in nature.  America needs astronauts and librarians, not police, and you can bet the foreignors who wish to eventually overtake us and our way of life, the people who run the currency and the judicial and the media and the schools, those foreignors are laughing and loving it whenever people are scared enough to think the police state is good.

Why is alcohol legal and not marijuana, even though it is technically not possible for anyone to make any kind of plant illegal here?  Because marijuana does not promote violence and is actually good medicine.  Most cops I have known say that if it wasn't for alcohol they would have nothing to do except write traffic tickets.  All the most ridiculous schmux talk about destruction of the family, its largely alcohol that is responsible for that, even though the preachers will nit pick around the subject all day long, laying blame wherever it is profitable for them, creating fear by which to fuel the American Police State.  Alcohol, which should fuel our cars, actually fuels the police state.

End the Police State Mafia.  Bring America back.

Vote Libertarian 2016.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

NWO DEW and The Monsanto Cartel

NWO DEW and The Monsanto Cartel

     I have become even more able of late to perceive the deployment of high amplitude directed energy weapons via so-called ENMOD ops.  These are mostly active auroral plasmas or forms, augmented by, or augmenting satellites.  The reason I am seeing it better is because I have been watching the evolution of it in America since day 1, since the 70s, and also the new world order military here in NM is really laying it on me now, as I knew they would if I came back. 

     New World Order.

     Democrats and republicans all one big bunch of clowns together now.  One big party. One big Cartel.

     To begin -- during deployment of these active auroral weapons there is usually a build up of atmospheric energy locally, via magnetohydrodynamic action caused by chemical spraying in the sky or tectonic ultrasound (Antennae) or both.  Odd rains, high winds, anomalous canopies of clouds where there should be none, mammatus formations, undulating forms of strong type, and some other night there is a lot of weird wild lightening within total cloud canopies, charging the immediate environment.  Dirac domes.

     I think many attacks have to do with satellite alignment to a target too, if you notice on GPS units there are lots of satellites everywhere, but not always available because of orbit logistics.  There are time frames involved at any particular locale because of this, and these time frames vary from place to place.  Windows of possibility, of satellite availability.  Many satellite operations are classified, like the x-ray laser types pumped atomically, and the generations since them.

     A typical attack takes place with lines sprayed above a broadcast canopy to unzip a hole, a small area in a vast cloud cover with sprayed lines above it...I see these small holes in total cloud cover above Hachita at night a LOT.  During the day a short double bar duct is then sprayed across this hole in the clouds, acting as an aperture for satellite energies, and for aiming purposes.  Edge refraction causes some amplification of energies also.

     The subject will experience several symptoms, depending on type of hit, how hard, and what kind of energy.   A heavy metallic taste in the mouth is one strong indicator, if the hit is direct or energy high enough.  All that can be done is to get under as much mass/metal shielding as possible, though some force type fields are in development  now.  Strong magnets worn can alleviate some directness of hit, by creating weak deflecting fields around wearer, but the power of active auroral technology is massive.  More than most people can imagine.  Its allllll classified too. The insane clowns of the new world odor will gladly do a whole city to get a few people, its fun to watch the ants dance anyway.  They cannot resist playing God, that is truth.  That is a weakness they all possess, especially the little tin generals and their alter egos the political clowns.

     The slow bleeding off of these directed energy weapon hits takes place over some hours or even days, disrupting sleep and causing deterioration of muscles and skin at extremities, bleeding fingertips;  also causing severe gastric distress on occasion, and tooth pain. This is also why our diets/health have been so controlled with junk food, and why many are actively denied good denti$try, to make susceptible to this DEW, (directed energy weaponry).  The development of these slow-kill invisible types of weaponry is headquartered in Albuquerque NM.  See 

     The more sugar you eat, the worse your health is, the more susceptible you are to this energy weaponry which is being used as mind control by this administration, and which was put in place adjunct to the Patriot Act by the last administration, the super traitors.  The antennae started going up in earnest under Clinton, btw.  Heavy American spraying started under Clinton too, but did not become really noticeable until the NWO took down the world trade centers and the Patriot Act was thereby enacted.

     Once a subject is sensitized with a high power directed energy hit, it makes the local energy weapons able to perform a lot better.  Places like Hachita are little test areas where a few insane clowns retired from the military, Colonel Klink types, experiment on the rest of the people for DARPA, NSA and some other agencies: they call in other attacks as well up to and including germs.  This is actually the various drug cartels at war, attacking people who they deem not good for business.

     Drug cartels begins with AMA, and end in Paraguay.  Rome, London, Zurich, TelAviv, Moscow....The New World Order.  The military and the cops and all the rest of the American herd are all bought into it, part of it.  Anyone vested in keeping the price of drugs high is cartel.  Simple. 

     Guadalajara Mob, the CIA Zetas, and one or two others are always fighting in the background for monetary ascendency in outlawed drug dealing.  All of America are innocent bystanders in that struggle, guinea pigs too, but Americans have been miseducated by zionist information sources called universities and colleges and MEDIA so long they cannot even see the enemy.

     The drug cartels control the US government and the illegal police forces which are really just tax enforcement.  NASA and the American Military are now much more involved in mind control and surveillance of Americans than they are in any useful space program or Civil Engineering.  NASA is a show for fools, 5th reich stuff, and the military are agents of a foreign government on our soil.

     When they get this tech fully in place, next year maybe, year after for sure, after they eliminate the dissenters, they will just restrict any growing of food, and the idiotic sell out fools of America will be trading their guns for candy bars at Walmart.  Mark my words, its what the whole technology is about, disarmament. DUH.

     My garden has been under attack all summer, weird weird stuff going on there, radiation, because of what I did while I was here before, and because I made it known my whole experimentation this time was about trying to defeat the Monsanto control technology. Very difficult, if they want to mess you up they have total power.

   Water is food.  The Monsanto Cartel have almost total control of fresh water now.  A lot of this was financed with black market drug money, so there is no accountability, no records, whatever people see is classified because thenwo has spent great care building the secrecy state.
     I certainly hope someone with some unscrambled brains left is paying attention to this. 

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Americas Military Terrorists

     I believe that Libertarian means Liberty for the people comes first.  There can be no real liberty for the people when economics and law are based on war, because wartime is not normally something one encounters in a world where liberty, meaning a minimum of laws, is important. The international conquerors of America know this well, which is why we have a police state and gigantic war machine in place 24-7, 365, and its been like this for a long long time.  Thats because America has never really known monetary prosperity except during war times, even though at the bottom line war is just theft, and the thieves and psychopaths who populate our government have gained their power by subterfuge and connivance and violence, not necessarily in that order, again, theft.  Its what they do, its how they are.  The twits in the military and the federal/israeli government are rabid wolves who must always have more than their fair share of things.  They  constantly instigate war to grow their personal fortunes, and to commit treason without being noticed.  The bush crime family comes to mind, and halliburton corpse-oration, to name just a couple of the most recent traitors to Liberty.

     Theft via war is why Wall street and its ilk are constantly trying to find someone to fight, why these ivy league toadies, who seem to be evolved from toenail fungus, are always starting trouble in the world and giving America a bad name.  It is why they blow up buildings and blame it on other people, like 911. And the pentagon.  And so much else.

  These tricksters cannot innovate, nor invent enough viable work to float an economy, they must be constantly involved in overt and covert theft.  Try to argue against that, and see where you get.   Then try to tell it to the world irving.   These military mutts say they are fighting for freedom but in fact they are creating laws to nullify freedom while doing their little war thingies, and they never undo those laws once the machinations of their theft is finished; like the income tax, which was supposedly an emergency measure to fund an "Emergency"  (WWI) and was supposed to be rescinded later, after the war, but as we know never was.  The dozens of war powers acts are never rescinded either, except where they have been replaced with more intrusive acts against liberty and freedom.  How can the largely illiterate soldiers of the dual citizens war machine protect something they do not understand?  They cannot.  That is evident.

     So.  The mentally retarded servants of the israeli/american military are vested in violence, plain and simple, along with a police state, which is just another form of military, and that too is becoming more evident every day.  These ignorant military bullies and good-for-nothings always cause war, them and their chicken hawk butt buddies, because it is the ONLY thing good for their business, and its all they can do, its all they can BE.

     They are obviously too stupid for work in space, they must dominate other people.  Truthfully and to the point they are wild apes who somehow got loose in the world;  they need to be identified, isolated, and eliminated or we are forever under their thumb...the tea party and the republicans, the catholics and the mormons and a majority of the christian world are totally vested in conflict, it is their god, literally. The Rabbi Yeshva ben Miriam (Their Christ) spoke of his role with the sword, he did not come to make peace, he said so himself.  The house of Aaron (John the Baptist) was the peacemaker, not Joshua, although he was totally ineffectual when it came to defeating the Romans which was what he set out to do...he did upset the tables of the money lenders, which I will always thought was a wonderful gesture and definitely worth emulating, even repeating; those usurious scum are still here today and running the world and making war and holding us back because they are inbred and insane now.  It must be noted finally that Joshuas drama, the so called passion play, as his more ignorant admirers call it, eventually conquered the Romans, but not until 300+ year later.  Helena, mother of Constantine insisted, because it tugged at her heart strings, that poor man nailed to the cross.  But there were hundreds of thousands crucified by the Romans, it was their most time honored method of execution, according to some ancient Roman sources.  Another aspect of war, and still with us today, just in different forms.

       War is not work, it is not even make-work.  Concentrate on good jobs for the military people and the police AND the prison guards, who are a huge gob of hungry mouths and all sold out to the foreign conqueror and clueless too.  Space.  Truly, the final frontier.  The only answer other than slavery to the international currency mongers.  Lets get our act together shall we?  War is monkey business, which is why the bush crime family and their minions are so good at it.  If you oppose them they will deploy their military machine on American soil, as has happened in Hachita, NM, and many other places, used against we who speak out against these low life traitors.

     Libertarians and Americans in general deserve better than that.  Stop the military terror forever.  Get these scum our of our neighborhoods and put them in asylums for the mentally insane where they cannot use their microwaves and lasers on American citizens, where they cannot pry into peoples private lives for their foul entertainment.  No more wolves.  No more wars.  Vote Libertarian in 2016 for a better life.

Spooks, The Haunting Of America, Jim Hougan,
Game On, Andrew Cockburn, Harpers Magazine January 2015
Devilvision, The Worlds New Wireless Grid, Bill Gallagher,
Wolves, Magic Wands (No more wolves -- NO MORE WARS -- No More Waiting)
Space, Magic Wands (Beams and Beams Of Light...)

Friday, June 12, 2015

Libertarians Under Attack In NM

Libertarians Under Attack

     Since the last post to this blog, which was more volatile than most, many aircraft have been circling the town where I live, mostly at night, but during the daylight hours too, causing computer problems for anybody in the vicinity, and health problems among the populace.  Microwave weapons are being used in wide swaths, causing sleep deprivation for days on end and digestive torture among other things. C130s, and predator drones have been noted at the times the computers start going haywire, and there are many witnesses of this. One persons electric generator was totally killed.  Metal roofs help shield us somewhat, but there were also two drones personally witnessed by me that made it to within 1000 feet of my residence, and they were cruising at 30 feet above the ground, until I discouraged them with my presence and a camera.  4 other people that I now of saw this illegal activity and noted it.  Many of us have learned to take cover under metal roofs when this happens and that helps somewhat, but trying to escape the laser or microwave weapons which these machines of the new world order are deploying against Americans for exercising their rights to freedom is something we should not have to deal with at all.   The victims need to be compensated heavily, even though the legal people working for the british bar are all in on this and ignore the complaints or downplay them.

     This geographical area is inundated with retired military, my closest neighbor is a retired brigadier general who worked at the Playas training area for homeland security when it was open, and my second closest neighbor is an ex-texas ranger whose son is or was an upper level officer in the army or air force.  These people still have close ties with the drone base in AZ where a lot of these kids are trained.  If these kids are doing this on their own they need to be locked up and the key thrown away:  if they are committing this aberrant activity/treason at the behest or orders of the retired officers here locally, or officers at their base, then those officers should be executed.

     The directed energy weapons being deployed via this drone air force, and aboard aircraft like the c130 Hercules are well known now, and these unamerican lord loving scumbags, the enablers of israel, are testing all this stuff on unwitting americans who actuyally trust their government.  these testees are owed big and I want it taken care of.  All of them.  I want all these retirees here investigated and arrested if they are complicit in this activity.  Local law enforcement like the border patrol mafia seem to be complicit too, and I have tested their cointelpro like surveillance and can prove they are conducting illegal operations on some of the residents here in Hachita NM.  They too need to be punished, and a lot of the state workers are part of this criminal activity of harassment and attack on every day americans, seemingly for the hell of it, or to practice their hoover procedures.   these people are using illegal surveillance on the phones and internet and I can prove all that too.

     This seems to be a dominance game more than anything, although the cruelty is blatant and plentiful  and basked in by the perpetrators, they are all smiles and well rewarded financially.  Many or all are members of the masonic fraternity.  Heather Wilson and Steve Pearce know all about this, as well as many others, they with cartel concessions at the ports like antelope wells, of which this is a major transit point, guarded by the border patrol for their political connections.  This activity is rife here, and always has been.  A lot of these retired military are part of that machine.

     America.  Love it or change it.  Its the LAST place in the world that that can be done, and the mormons and the catholic church and their branch offices like the baptists and the rest of the lord lovers are trying like hell to put an end to that option, you bet.  The tea Party is the new SS.  They have even infiltrated the post office, and corrupted the mail.  I have LOTS of proof of that.  Lords and Kings are UNAMERICAN, and the people who worship a lord here are just the enablers of the enemy, which is Israel and its dual citizens in our government.  Which makes them the enemy of America and Americans.  Awaken or die.  Stop this unAmerican activity at all costs.

Thursday, June 4, 2015


         War On Cash

        "The greatest enemy of truth is time."

         John Kennedy Jr.

     I was talking with a neighbor the other day, a retired Army officer who is fairly knowledgeable about military and political things.  He was disgusted and made that fact clear; he considers America to be full of ding-a-lings unable to look after themselves, literally incapable of caring about anything beyond the banal.  I wanted to let him know it was planned that way, a slow attack, like an artificially intelligent computer virus that comes in so slow it is virtually undetectable while its happening.  Only afterwards, once the damage is done, does the attack become evident.  The enemy could do this because they first took control of our money.  Once that occurred, in 1913 to give the year (This time), then cost was no object.

     Mind Control Programs are expensive, after all. Good preparations must be made;  concessions must be taken; foundations must be strong, built on firm ground.

     These kind of slow attacks degenerate many things at once over a long period of time: thought processes are diverted and distracted via entertainment slash glamour, while bodily health, especially dental -- the beginning of digestion/nutrition -- suffers vastly through fad food diets strong in additives like sugar sugar sugar; soon even the qualities of simple observation deteriorate or become totally non-existent.  You see, long term, intentional devolution is not noticed by most people.

      I have conversed with this retired army gentleman before concerning these things, and the attack I describe is not really in line with his thinking at this time.  It is probably because, even at a subconscious level he understands he made a lot of money from the death of America, like most government employees, especially all police, though it cannot be inwardly admitted without pulling many bad things in.  They generally see it as drudge work for the unappreciative, which is what it is.  Military service I mean.  Mine.  Yours.  Anyone who was conscripted or mind controlled enough to sign up with the israeli pirates, I mean Dual-Citizens, who run this country.  For the record, a dual citizen is someone who holds passports for two countries, like the many thousands or even a million plus who possess israeli passports as well as American passports.  Many work for the United States Government at high levels.  Some international crime statistics show that that about 90% or more of the worlds worst criminals hold THREE passports:  Israeli, American, and Russian.  FYI.  Mafiya.  Red.  Look it up.  Many postal inspectors are well acquainted with them.

     In truth, a lot of the military has lost touch with their roots, and are almost blind to our situation, they have become a true sub-culture.  Maybe they do not want to see how bad things are out on the street; they, along with their civil service and other government worker counterparts cannot seem to fathom the idea that the government has made war on cash.  Thats right, whether you know it or not,  ever since 2000 cash money has been steadily and willfully removed from circulation, which is something you can do if you run the money, like the dual citizens do.  Really THAT technically began in 1964, with the debasement of the coinage, and believe it or not the same people are behind it as were then, just different faces doing the front work. As for what happened in 2000, Gulf War II, brought to you by jorge II, with c130 loads of hundred dollar bills flown out daily for the new bush economy being built by halliburton overseas.

     This self deception by the credit class television party, who are mostly getting their money from some government source somewhere, perhaps 3rd or 4th hand, but government none-the-less, this all encompassing inner lie they continually tell themselves, seems to dovetail with another unhealthy mindset in America, whose people seem to have some REAL problems with the separation of church and state.  I don't appreciate this ignorant crap, and never will.  The monied government retirees and workers are wearing blinders as they go plastic without a thought to people who were dependent on cash, who were born into it as a system, and are now deprived of a commerce medium.  They have become the haves and they are flaunting it as you would expect true hix to do.  People who depended on cash to simply eat are now shunted off into the foodstamp program, another form of credit or platic.  BTW, foodstamps are a major weapon in the war on cash.

     The consequences of all this will be dire.  But I progress too quickly. Suffice to say a LOT of people who think they are patriotic would not really like America as it is defined, because they have become just mean spirited tax payers in a police state snitch culture, and loving it.  They have lost the ability to tell right from wrong.  Rather adroit, this attack, one must say that at least.  Divide and conquer, squared.

     It was not always like this, but these type of details I am mentioning are old history  now, because the end has come and gone, and even the cleanup operation.  Now its just a waiting game while any cognizant witnesses (Har) die of old age, or biotech and directed energy, consigned by the worker-youth to a shelf in never-never land  called DEAD AND BLOATED, the same youth who now pee on command for the dual citizenry elite, and think its just the way things should be.  Oh well.  Thats another story, innit?

     In the beginning of the end, which means after 911 but before the Patriot Act really kicked in, then president and super traitor jorge bush, agent of royalty and other assorted  agencies of UnAmerican origin, needed to spray a lot of petro-chemicals in the air to A) make a boat load of money for himself and his international associates, his crime family as it were, and B) as preparation for extensive Monsanto operations which were planned long ago but required emergency dissolution of many American laws in order to be implemented.

     911.  Emergency.  Get it?

     Little agreements like the ENMOD convention of 1977 strictly forbade this kind of wanton uncaring experimentation, but it is well known that the bush crime family do not really care too much about people or peoples rights when a dollar is concerned, especially easy money dollars doled out by the trillions from the taxpayers treasure chest to them; now become a truly incomprehensible debt that will never be good for anything except usurping more American liberty.  Almost 3000 deaths during 911.  High Human sacrifice, of magnitude, to further the black magic of the royal new world order, and its iron fisted agenda of control through any and all means possible.

     If you are woefully misinformed, or are reading something like this for the first time, you might think this is a matter of opinion,  but I assure there is a lot of evidence to prove exactly what I say, so read on, and do check out my book on the subject: DEVILVISION -- which you will find here: active auroral experiments actually did take place long ago, the first chemtrail pictures I possess are over Buchenwald, 1945, hooked grid, obviously electromagnetic manipulation and more.  Then there are the ice cap projects, but you will have to study a lot more German history than I have time for here in order to glom that.  Good luck.  Again, start with DEVILVISION the book.   It is pronounced like the word television.

     During the late 1980s and early 1990s it was ascertained that the world trade centers had been put together with faulty fasteners which were corroding dangerously, and the cost to demolish the buildings was slated to cost 5 times as much as it cost to build them!  This was because of their location and the necessity of taking them down from the top one floor at a time, so that no one was killed during the dismantling.  Well the super criminal jorge bush has already made it publicly clear that peoples lives are just a cost of doing business, so 911 was concocted.

     A lot of insurance money was made by high level crooks, also a whole bunch of illegal stocks could be cleared without public knowledge, while a great shock and awe distracted an already befuddled American public into looking anywhere but the sky, which is where the visible aspects of the vatican/mormon sponsored spraying program can be seen daily since 911.  Chemtrails.  Mentioned repeatedly in the HAARP Patent as plumes of particulate(s). Mind altering stuff.  Behaviour Modifying stuff.  Anti-second Amendment stuff.  New Solar Energy Paradigm.  Like ants under a magnifying glass, these are the days of your lives...

        Remember, contrails dissipate quickly because they are just water vapor turned to ice crystals.  CHEM-trails are lines of sprayed nano-particulate chemicals, many patented, which react in novel ways with light and the gases of the atmosphere, creating lenses and ducts and beacons for satellites, among other things.  Barium and aluminum oxide are just two of the known and more popular types of materials sprayed across America almost daily since 911, in long and lingering lines like cocaine for God.  These lines then spread into what are called striated plasmas, useful for deployment of all kinds of directed energy via their novel active auroral properties, but thats another story.  Once again, read my book DEVILVISION, and check out its bibliography to go farther.

     What jorge bush did to first legalize the spraying in our skies was to legalize crowd control by spraying powdered drugs in the sky, things like ultra-strong valium powders.  A technicality, sure, but legal as far as those pinheads are concerned, which is important for some reason. See the bibliography here for more.  This little bit o' lawmaking by jorge and his mystic krewe of vulcans happened just over a year after 911,  and shut down some of the earliest questions about the lines in the sky for awhile.  I personally took my first of about 50,000 pix of chemtrails in October 2002, less than a year after 911.  I am sure that is why I was anthraxed in April of 2003 in Thonotosassa FL, to take me out because I was noticing the lines in the sky and bitching loud.  I am one of very few people who have ever survived that kind of anthrax too.  I found a plant to cure myself, Sanguinaria canidensis, or I would be very dead about 10 years now.  The more I complain the longer God lets me live.

     NEWSBREAK: the government of dual citizens here still ALWAYS denies there is any spraying or military operation involving spraying in the sky for any purpose whatsoever.  That speaks volumes, dunnit?

     Now if you were wondering why apathy seems to have become everyones last name, wonder no more....the holy rollers who are much too ignorant to understand the evils of concerted  mind control, in fact they embrace it lovingly in their religions...they think the chemical spraying in the sky daily since 911 is all rainmaking and high tech fertilization techniques, when in fact they have sold their kids and grandkids and other progeny, if there are any left by then, to the financiers and mind control artists of the world, the ROYALTY, (PTL) and they really do not care because they cannot care, they do not possess the mental wherewithal to care, they are converted to a new religion via the dollar.   They cannot tell right from wrong anymore, and will not like a "Real" America, will in fact oppose its re-emergence from the clutches of their cartel.  Freedom?  NOT.  They have been taught by their preachers that total control of people and money through religion or whatever it the American way, and thats not true at all.  Tea Party?  Don't make me laugh.  Bunch of nazis who are not too good at reading.  True money addicts, paper, plastic, gold, silver, oil, cocaine, long as its big and spendable.   Kill for it, they will.

     The early legalized spraying of "Drugs" by the bush crime family, and their toadies the zionists in our military, is considered by many, myself included, to have been nothing but prelude to more advanced sprayings later, much to the same effect.  It is weaponry, it can be nothing less.  In the very least it is total control of food and water by the Monsanto people, in spite of rampant denials that they are taking that concession, somewhat the same calibre of concession as the federal reserves income tax.  Someday your grandkids will work for food, there will be none of this sign holding on street corners begging, they will work for the zionists, at the zionists rate, something like a bowl of rice a day, or they will just starve to death.  If you disbelieve that you are naive.  You do not know the zionists very well.

     America. Vote Libertarian or Die by Monsanto.

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He said their faces were expressionless, their pupils were dilated and they were drooling at the mouth - typical side effects of a particularly dangerous type of hallucinogenic drug.
Basson was testifying about the destruction in 1993 of hundreds of kilograms of cocaine, Mandrax and Ecstasy, which the South African army had obtained for use in crowd control, but needed to get rid of as the apartheid era drew to a close.
Analysis of video material showing surrendering (Iraqi) troops emerging from their underground bunkers show that they had dilated pupils, were drooling and had vacant stares," he told the court."
It appeared like the clinical profile of a BZ variant. The variant was also tested in laboratory animals in South Africa but it was stopped because it caused permanent damage to the subject.
"I had good reason to believe that America used a BZ variant against Iraq during the Gulf War."
Basson said BZ was a hallucinogenic which altered a person's ability to act rationally.
It could either make somebody completely passive or uncontrollably aggressive, to the point where he would attack his own colleagues, he said.
Basson is facing 46 charges ranging from murder to fraud for acts allegedly committed while he was a high-ranking member of the apartheid era military.
The heart surgeon was the mastermind behind the apartheid government's secret programme to develop biological and chemical warfare capabilities and has been dubbed "Dr Death" for his weird science experiments, which allegedly included poisoning opponents of apartheid.
He this week testified that he had spied on other countries to learn about chemical warfare and had bought weaponry from Libya, East Germany and the Soviet Union.
On Friday Basson also claimed that South Africa and the Swiss Military Intelligence Service had in 1992 negotiated a deal with the Soviet Union to buy half a tonne of Mandrax, a drug the apartheid military wanted to use to control crowds.
The Swiss, he said, were also trying to buy nuclear materials from the Russians. Basson said he had been intensifying the programme involving BZ, Mandrax andthe party drug Ecstasy as it was clear that funding for the programme would be cut off as apartheid was being dismantled.
In the end the Mandrax was in the military's possession for a few weeks before it was thrown into the sea.
But Basson said a Swiss spy, Jurg Jacomet, stole some US$1,5 million intended to pay for the drugs.
Basson ended up being jailed for three weeks in Switzerland for trying to exchange false Vatican bearer bonds to cover the deal.
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Pentagon Wants to Use Valium Gas on Domestic Crowds
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"The Department of Defense has petitioned the UN for a ruling on the use of its new compressed high potency Valium gas for the purposes of domestic riot control. The United States is a signatory in an agreement that allows domestic law enforcement to use tear gas and pepper gas, but since the UN Commission makes no specific mention of it, the Department of Defense wants a specific ruling as to whether it can dispense to the Office of Homeland Security and other domestic law enforcement agencies (including US troops based on US soil) its new high potency Valium gas for use against US citizens for the purposes of riot control."

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