Sunday, April 26, 2015


Well, as Hannibal Lecter said in one of his movies, "OK, here we go..."

This blog is about me, because it can be no other way, it is my perspective, if you do not
like it, do not read it, and you can even tell your mommy on me if you want, but warning:
SHE  might like it.  You may leave comments, even rude ones, but I might bleep out certain
really offensive things like references to the bush crime family or whatever.  Just kidding
about that, really. Things that piss me off have to do with people using the weakness of
others for profit, and that includes many, especially here in the united sorrowful of

Just remember, I will always fight for your right to be a dumb ass or even a smart ass, and
its the American way for you to do the same, and defend my right to express myself even if
no one reads it for a thousand years, or even if google censors it, which they might.  Its
not actually censorship any more, its denial, its being left behind, and thats ok, its just
an illusion as far as words go.  Ideas are real, and whether expressed or not, they have
real power.  Here in the gigantic Tell of the internet the modern day accountings, the
Books of Kels, and other manuscripts of this world, are buried like trash but are still preserved and the future will be curious.

If there is one, if it does not all fall down again.

But I diverge, however slightly.

Mostly this blog will be an accounting  (w/commentary by me) of what Gary Johnson is doing as far as Libertarianism is concerned, because he is the most vocal and effective spokesperson the
party has ever had, and his record is very good.  This blog is NOT approved by him, and
even if it ever becomes an issue I personally prefer total autonomy as far as writing
goes, because to the future my mistakes will be at least as important as my other
observations, and I write for them.  Which is why I have always been dead broke and kept
running oh well thats just my little cross to bear I guess, its just a downside to this age where
wondrous, even truly magical things happen, which we take for granted, because for a large part we have been made stupid, too stupid to see it.  I will assist the readers in becoming unstupid, as far as I can I mean, so read on.  Tis a good ting mon.