Saturday, October 10, 2015

Police State Gun Control

 Police State Gun Control

Americans are NOT to be policed.  Policing is just part of a long term gun control plan enacted back around the time our money was taken over by foreign interests.   The government is slowly trying to convince everyone they do not need guns because they are so well protected by police, and even though these police are a large part of a multi-faceted attack on  gun ownership in America, they generally deny this.  The police types are not even bright enough to know what American really means, or they would quit doing unAmerican things like policing the people, so their denials are about as true to life as network television, which is to say: Not Much.  Notice how the only industry growing in America is the police state.  The prison guard union is the largest union in America.

WAKE UP!  There is Nothing, not a word, concerning police, or the military, in our founding documents.  That was all added later by the international people who covertly conquered us by taking control of our money, and thereby the judicial.  Police are TAX ENFORCEMENT.  The militarized police state costs Americans at least 50% of their yearly gross national product.  You are paying taxes to support people who enslave you.  Any military we establish should be building and road engineers here in America but they are not, and they should also be our workers in space, except our space program is now mostly secret,  and is being used by the people who have conquered us through a paper money swindle to further deploy the American police state.  Can you say SATELLITES, and Active Auroral Technologies?  I knew you could.

Americans are NOT to be policed.  Vote Libertarian 2016.

Police forces in America began as a way to make work for large numbers of unemployed people, and to protect an elite who had begun illegally taxing us.  Not only are police a major force behind eventual gun control,  they do nothing really except harass Americans in a form of psyops through unrelenting Creation of fear.  Stalking, rampant surveillance -- they have even corrupted the mail services: The American Police State Mafia are really just terrorists and tax enforcement, plain and simple.  They also have been given the authority to tax us further if we get out of hand, with fines and penalties for any number of things, most of which goes into the elites coffers to pay the police.   If all goes as usual these statements will no doubt cause the police state mafia here to "Create"  some incidents in the future to convince me how much I "Need" their services, but its all just a lie and make work, and its been going on for over a century now.   The truth is we do not need the police because we have our guns, though most Americans are just a bunch of scared rabbits who no longer can see the truth unless it is "Interpreted" for them on TV.  What I really need protection from, and have none, is the police state mafia.  The attack on reading is part of all this too, don't you know?

The American military is now controlled by foreignors and is pretty much just a high tech stick-up bandit stealing from the world at large so that things like israel could be built with the spoils of their theft, and the militarization of the American police state didn't happen by chance.  Now a new SS, a secret police, a STASI composed of retired military men and women, and their counterparts in the police forces, are a kind of mafia here, employing the foreign and ready-made organization and communications technologies of this militarized American police state to spy and harass people they deem unfit.    This is unamerican activity at its finest, and the bottom line is its just a lead-in to more gun control!  DUH!


These people in the military and police who have become a mafia here are agents of a foreign\government which has already taken over our currency and judicial system with superfluous and frivolous lawmaking that serves only an elite, an elite who controls our money and a lot of other things.  The same elite who created the income tax btw.  You want homeland security you get the unAmerican scumbags who are loyal to royalty out of our government.  You get your guns in order, thats the only homeland security you will ever have.  Be an American, and not a toady of the crown. 

Lords and Kings are unAmerican.

Police have also led us to a secrecy state, a non-accountability that is abused at all levels, which has grown fantastically and is highly predatory in nature.  America needs astronauts and librarians, not police, and you can bet the foreignors who wish to eventually overtake us and our way of life, the people who run the currency and the judicial and the media and the schools, those foreignors are laughing and loving it whenever people are scared enough to think the police state is good.

Why is alcohol legal and not marijuana, even though it is technically not possible for anyone to make any kind of plant illegal here?  Because marijuana does not promote violence and is actually good medicine.  Most cops I have known say that if it wasn't for alcohol they would have nothing to do except write traffic tickets.  All the most ridiculous schmux talk about destruction of the family, its largely alcohol that is responsible for that, even though the preachers will nit pick around the subject all day long, laying blame wherever it is profitable for them, creating fear by which to fuel the American Police State.  Alcohol, which should fuel our cars, actually fuels the police state.

End the Police State Mafia.  Bring America back.

Vote Libertarian 2016.