Monday, November 21, 2016

Liberty And The Police State

     The American police state is just a symptom of much greater woe.  We are bankrupt 10 times over and the opportunistic degradation of our liberty all along the way to that state of affairs is yet another symptom of the same thing.  The illness of course is, simply put, an ingrained and uncaring stupidity, a lackadaisical disresepct for truth, and a sick dependence on TV for mass  information management.

     Yessssss, through manipulation of the currency foreign powers now control our media, our schools, and almost all government via bankrupted then reorganized corporate government services franchises which all have names, like the fbi and the cia and all the other alphabet agencies which basically spell PIG, right down to your local governments.

    Now part of the Global Estate Trust, these reorganizations of our government are never advertised, they are "Closely Held", because they incorporate all the emergency war powers acts and other emergency legislation which occurred in conjunction with.  All together these machinations have been continually used to annihilate the basic purpose of the founding legal documents of this country.   Just a God damned piece of paper indeed.  Fuck you Duhhhhh-bya.

     Its all really a liberty eroding scam via a long term paper money swindle.  The police are tax enforcement and mind control through low level but constant terror/presence on the streets.  Things like the drug war are just the flames which the police and their tv creators constantly fan to keep themselves in jelly donuts and digicams.

     When harassed by the american police state I make sure to comply and even cooperate to the extent the "Law" requires, but I don't have to like it, and I never will.  So now, here in the police state amerikkka, it is not enough to obey the law, we must bow down to the American police state itself, we must LIKE them, HONOR them, or we are labeled malcontents, terrorists even, and singled out, targeted, for lots of special government expenditures.  Whatever these watch dogs do, though, they cannot make my life into something bad, no matter how hard they try. And I will get them, one day,  show the world what pieces of garbage they really are.

     The American police state produces nothing, they are a bleeding of society.  Continual and large scale.  They protect the upper 5% from the largely imagined, tv created, and yes, Paranoid delusions of the poor abused elite.  The drug war is all about making work for zillions of cops, and for keeping prices up, especially on the street.  We have a narco democracy using electronic mind control of monster proportion, whose public relations department and 24/7 apologists are TV and newspaper media.  Its been this way for many decades now.

     Perhaps the next president will convince the American people of the need to vote Libertarian in the future.

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