Tuesday, April 10, 2018


     At least 90% of the "Money" in the west, that is money held privately, by individuals, has been obtained by working around the taxation of the federal government.  I really do not have much of a problem with that, seeing as all our government agencies including the federal reserve, the cia and the fbi, and many others, are actually not "American" but legal franchises assigned/sold by the "Federal" government to foreign money powers (Banks), and are looked at as profitable enterprises.  Most of the other 10% of money held by individuals in the west was gotten through government channels, civil service, contracts, and the like.  In my experience even the legitimately employed in the west have something going on the side, tax free I mean. 

     What I DO have a real problem with out here in the land of the lord are the holier than thou scumbags, like the ex-cartel catholics whose kids are all policia now, all bought into the police state with their noses way up the ass of the bush crime family. Because their familias are now legit, even though their money came from illegal dealings in the past (Drugs/Human trafficking) they now LOVE to stand in judgment of everyone else, with dour looks on their ugly faces, wagging fingers and denouncing drugs and laziness, all the while collecting big profits from the prison police state that their religious nuts and politicians have created.  The police state is really just those assholes trying to push their religion on the rest of us. Allllll the superstitious ignorant church stuff is unamerican to the max.  Lords and kings are royalty.  Royalty is the opposite of what America was founded on.

   A lot about the catholic church here in the west is columbian cartel/cia stuff, drug cartel I mean, and America has been under slow attack by these scumbags for a long time now.    The cocaine cartels own American politics and the vatican and a lot more.  Read THE PANAMA PAPERS to see how it is all tied together at levels way above the everyday business of normal people.  Even the trumpster is in there.  Jorge aka Duh-bya bush and his family revved up the drug war whenever possible, even though it has been proven that the bush family has been active in illegal drugs for three generations at least.  Duh-bya made all those drugs highly desirable and very expensive with free media coverage and zillions of police.  They incarcerated your children so they could profit and they ran it like a machine as royalty always does.  American fools, wake the fuck up. 

    All "American" laws enacted since 1913 have been to synchronize us with the GLOBAL ESTATE, you are no longer a citizen of America, there is no more America since jorge bush created his SECRET global estate government right after 911.  Thats what 911 was all about, to make trillions of dollars in illegal money transfers and stock market/insurance fraud, then to hide payments for all the trillions of dollars in CHEMTRAILING  thats been going on.  Thats how the bush crime family and the Cali cocaine cartel and the vatican laundered all that drug money they made since their drug war began: with CHEMTRAILS, aerosol technology, secret Everything, 20 years of denial in America alone. "Lines in the sky, get it?  Har. The two places in the world where the global estate agents (Luftwaffe) do not spray chemtrails daily?  Russia, and all of South America.  Go figure.  There is now LOTS of SECRET banking between South America and the bush crime family.  Thats also why bush bought that 100,000 acre ranch in Paraguay, right next door to the reverend sun yung moonie, and right by that new AFB his family had built down there to accommodate him and his.   

    BTW the administrator of the Global Estate is the pope.

   The drug war initiated by the bush crime family and their kind has created a police state and vast profits for commie cowboy Marlboro people who are just too stupid from inbreeding to see they are sell outs to Americas original agenda of freedom and liberty and prosperity for all.  Now these ridiculous idiots have given control of our rain water and atmosphere over to dissembling demons who lie just for the sport of it.  The records show these "Scientists" do nothing more than create drought with this technology, or use it for long range surveillance and laser/microwave/ultrasound weaponry against anyone who speaks out, thereby enhancing their illegal and unamerican police state.  The Radiant Arsenal is real and fully deployed now.  You are conquered by Columbia, Russia, and the Vatican.  Buy Ammunition.

The Panama Papers, wikipedia
Devilvision: The Worlds New Wireless Grid, Bill Gallagher
The Underground Empire, Mills
Spooks, The Haunting of America, Jim Hougan
You Know Something Is Wrong When....An American Affidavit Of Probable Cause, A. Reizinger
Barry and the Boys, The CIA, The Mob, And Americas Secret History, Daniel Hopsicker

Thursday, December 7, 2017


   Today the crucifix is more an advertisement than anything else.  It lets anyone with a brain know the person sporting that piece of jewry literally idolizes torture, they are somebody who makes an Idol of an instrument of torture.  There are strict laws in that version of Judaism (Pauline Christianity) which forbid Idolatry, but there are also strict laws forbidding the murder of people, too.  Its pretty easy to see how all that forbidding works out.   Catholic once meant Tolerant.  In 2017 the crucifix has come to mean: "This is what we will do to you if you stray from the herd."  I know this first hand, attacked even by (Or especially by) family. 

      My how times have changed.  Its all made infinitely worse by the fact that there is a true epidemic of DUMB ASS throughout the entire world right now, spreading like contagion along with the psycho-schizoid management commandment "Do as I say, not as I do".   When did lying become art?  Is subterfuge the new ether-real scup-chuh?  We can satisfy present day religious needs by watching porn and cartoons, shall we now shun all truth as a matter of decorum or at least uniformity?  These hooks aren't fully embedded yet, though the electronic matrix surrounding us continues to grow and grow and grow, as it has since its inception back in the 1920s.  Whether anyone cares or not, we are slowly, or maybe not so slowly, becoming Homo electricus once again.  Bzzzzt!

    How disgusting can it get?  Have we really been through all this ridiculous devolution before, maybe 4 or 5 times?  And just where were the old caches of technology found which enabled the great empires, particularly Rome, to rise and put the world back into a semblance of order very tentatively lasting to this day?  Rome, where the crucifix, a time honored and even favored form of execution, was really derived from pictures found by the earliest Romans, pictures of the last time mass electronic mind control was attempted.   That picture showed what the people did to the leaders after they found out the leaders were using broadcast electricity to influence behavior.  Of course the Romans, or what became the Romans, were themselves so far devolved by then they had no concept of electricity except as magic.  They knew there had been worlds before this one, evidence still lay about, but they could not make sense of what they saw.   In the last world, the world before this one, at the end of it, the people hung their leaders on the antennae.  Crucified them on the antennae and electrical poles.  Hoping to make enough of an impression on the future it would not be forgotton, that lesson.  The impression was made, and the records found, but the interpretations ran all askew, like so much else.

     The Earth is big and time is far.  Enough time has passed to totally disrupt earthly deposits so that many many civilizations could have and probably did rise and fall, then were obliterated beyond recognition, here on this planet, and elsewhere.  It would be very difficult to discern signs of higher civilization that are 50,000 years old or older here on earth, mostly because of our conditioning, but also because of plain old erosion.  It is very difficult to build anything, even strip mines, that last longer than 50k.  And fifty thousand years is just a blip, a God fart, compared to what has been and what will be.  There are known technology caches from the last world found by the CIA below the Sphinx, the so-called Hall Of Records, and there are many caches in space and elsewhere on the planet still.  The REAL reason for the Gulf Wars was not oil, that was the cover story, the real reason was to go after underground chambers detected with satellite and through active auroral means (earth penetrating tomography), chambers exhibiting high order, squares, rectangles, spheres.  The big bombs used (MOABs) were called excavators.  Some of the chambers are 1/4 mile deep.  What was found in the Sphinx by the CIA in the 70s apparently led these elite searchers (Nazis) to Iraq and Iran and Afghanistan during the 80s 90s and early 2000s. 

     The Celtic Cross is a motor armature, the Ying and Yang a diagram of an antigravity device.   All the old alphabets are full of symbols derived from technology which has been lost over and over again here in Eden, poor dumb animals, broken to pieces.  Some of the documents from the last world were carved into rock by various cultures across this planet, once the printed media of the last world began to deteriorate beyond recognition.  Abyddos, and many other places, for those with eyes who care to look.

     Most of the pertinent archaeology on this planet lies below many metres of water.

     House cats possess the same dentition as Tigers.

     All our best drugs were put in plants to guard against cataclysmic loss.  We are doing this again today but only in very primitive, experimental ways.  Some of it is a purposeful UNDOING.

     True understanding of what we are, and what we were, is still beyond our devolved fathoming at this time, but we are getting better with the internet.   The evidence which supports these ideas of past advanced civilizations is largely seen on the other planets and their satellites, and even big asteroids.  This is an old old place.  Planet Earth, Gaia, was created with almost unbelievable water wealth, to mass produce our food and drugs via engineered plant and animal life, which were stored on the moon, as supply for whatever we once were.  What we used to be.  This version of earth was engineered to revolve around the sun in a perfect circle, 360 degrees, 360 day years, Rotating one full turn per degree/day.  Highly sophisticated control and technologies.  5.25 days off the perfect circle is degenerative time, equating to the time since last maintenance, since the grid was used to position/repositon and keep balanced the planet and its satellite, to adjust the tides, and to lessen risks of destructive forces tearing the mostly hollow moon apart.

     This was The Garden.

     Fix The Moon.

Monday, August 14, 2017

The Ugly Fucking Truth

The democraps and the republifux are the popes children.  All are slightly retarded from inbreeding, though the republifux are like big dumb alpha mutts in a poochie gang bang on the rest of us, tongues lolling, eyeballs bulging.  They are caught up in the "Game".  They seem to have a basic understanding of what Amrerica was supposed to be, some of them, but most are pro-police state and just unamerican lord loving turds.  With the republifux its strictly grab-as-grab-can.  Many seem to have a motto of "who cares if it crashes, as long as it doesn't happen while I am alive".

The democraps, who are basically smarter than the republifux, by a small margin, rightfully think we should steer some of our money back to the people who paid in all these years.  In spite of this revelation, they cannot see the root of the problem, no matter how exhaustively it is explained to their dumb asses.  This is evident because they usually oppose auditing the federal reserve.  They are too fucking stupid to understand that this currency is just a major theft job by the vatican and israeli money people and their toadies.  A religious hoodwinking of gargantuan proportions.  Biggest one ever.  This massive theft of our collective product is directly related to our currency, whose production  was turned over to a bunch of gods chosen crooks back in 1913.  The democraps also embrace the police state, as a means to disarmament of the populace, making them unamerican turds too.

There is a lot of work to be done but we have allowed ghouls and vampires to overtake everything we produce, they are "managers", hee hee hee, and through their purposeful and willful "MIS" management they have bankrupted this country by sending huge chunks of our product out of the country for over a century now, every chance they get.  They should all be cancelled for that.

Survival is important, or haven't you heard?  These scumbags of banking and wall street, the movers and shakers of the money world, are inept and childish, especially when it comes to our collective survival, which they seem to intentionally ignore constantly, and that should be evident even to the dumbest republifuck or democrap out there.

Everyone suffers because of this.  The country is getting more like mexico everyday.  Agents of royalty have infiltrated through these backdoors of currency, irrelevant laws, and religious fucking bullshit, which are frivolous things serving only the police state and black market, two halves of one whole, get it? Those people need to be tried in a war tribunal, so just pick one, because there are still many wars on the books here, like the drug war, which these fuck heads started and have never called to closing.  War powers acts and all that, you know?

These political money hoarder types are so small inside they must accumulate paper wealth way beyond their means to manage, effectively removing it from circulation, like blood clots in the vascular system.  Thats the game these idiots play.  Now they control all the politicians, and the zillion or so police state employees, and taken over our military too, AND they control a large portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, including the weather.  They are using this technology to modify behavior with psychotronic technology, and further dumb down the already foolish and unquestioning mass who could have so much more.

So much more.

Vote libertarian.

Take the power back.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

ez gro


you will need:
5 gallon buckets (pots).  Each bucket must be punched out around the bottom in at least 4 places to allow drainage. Put 1-2" of rocks or broken crocks in the bottom of the bucket for drainage, then some plastic mesh like onion bag material on top of that, to keep the soil from washing out.  Don't restrict drainage at all, because drainage is all important to your success.  You also want heavy duty construction type 5 gallon buckets. Some from the food industry are good too.  These type of buckets will slide easily on concrete and wood, yet they are stiff enough to be moved around without upsetting the soil in them.  If they are black consider painting them white because the sun will heat them up quickly if they stay black, possibly damaging root systems, a big no-no.  The five gallon buckets can also be wrapped in cloth or tin foil to the same end.

1.5 lb Miracle Grow all purpose plant food, blue crystals, one tbsp per gallon of water once a week.

2 gallons water with 3% hydrogen peroxide, use 4 tbsp of H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) per gallon of H20 (water). FYI -- Always let any chlorinated tap water breath in an open container for 24 hours to allow the chlorine to evaporate.

Ph test strips off ebay or from any chemical supply.


Soil mixing directions: (Dependent on PH testing)
1 cubic foot of miracle grow potting mix per 5 gallon bucket (Per plant).  NOT to confused with MG compost or any other mix.  You want black chunks of humus with some perlite and little time release balls in it, not fibrous shavings and grindings.  Stay away from anything with pine bark especially.

5-10 pounds of clean washed sand per pot

1 pound perlite per pot

approximately 1 cup of hydrated lime per pot, mix with water and apply as liquid, mix in soil well.
2 tbsp epsom salts per pot, add same time as lime mixture, in the same water.


1.  You need good seeds or good cuttings/clones.  You can buy seeds online.  Steer away from the feminized brands and other types which exhibit odd characteristics, you want good hardy viable strains to produce good seed as well as good pot.  You can use your own sweat as growth hormone on a cut clone stem, put it on the cut before rooting.  You can use 1 tbsp hydrogen peroxide per quart of water as a mix to soak seeds in when germinating, the H2O2 makes germinating more productive.  Many people germinate their seeds in paper tissue, keeping the seeds moist at all times, but not immersed.  From germinator the seeds go right into their respective 5 gallon bucket, one or two per bucket.  Also, on old seeds (Over a year old) you can improve viability by scuffing them in a matchbox lined with fine sandpaper.  Shake the seeds around in the sandpaper-lined matchbox for a minute or so and it will scuff the hardened seed shells, allowing them to absorb water more easily.  Last seasons seeds will not need this treatment, most of the time.

2.  Many growers prefer a sterile soil to start, and it does help a lot.  The miracle grow potting mix is usually pretty sterile, though on the first watering of your soil prior to planting, use 2 gallons of the water with hydrogen peroxide mixed in.  Soak well.  Use 2 gallons per pot.  Her is where you also see if your buckets are draining well.  Hydrogen peroxide is a great sterilizing agent, and used in the mushroom industry as well.  The H2O2 turns to H20 but not before it kills any fungus or odd bacterias in the soil first.  I like to water with this mix during the plants growth, about every month, it causes air pockets to form around the roots, allowing easier growth.  My root systems have never been healthier.  Some gardeners spray their plants foliage with this peroxide mix.  When in doubt always try a little area before doing a big area.  Some growers now use soil innoculants, which are symbiotic bacteria or fungus applications, and peroxide will probably kill them too, so beware that.   It should be beneficial to sterilize the soil with hydrogen peroxide before adding an innoculant, just not after adding the innoculant.

3.  Before mixing soil check the ph of the miracle grow potting mix, it is many times a 5 or 5.5, and if so it needs to go to a 7, though gradually. Add a few tablespoons of your soil mix to one cup of water, then dip the ph test strip in, and see what you get in color.  Match it to the chart on the box.  Also check your water source, it might be acid or even alkaline and affect the mix over time as well.   If your soil is 5.0 or so, start by adding the lime and epsom salts to your potting soil, and when they are mixed test the ph again.  You won't have to add any more epsom salts, that is to take care of a vital mineral needed by the plants but not supplied by the miracle grow fertilizer.  You may have to add more lime to get your mix near 7, though you don't want to overdo it.  Your Ph is critical to your success, and you will almost always have to adjust upward if you are buying soils.  Red stems, yellow or necrotic leaves, and more, are almost always attributable to a Ph which is too low, and sometimes even too high.

4.  By putting your plants in pots you are accomplishing a few things at once.  1. You are simplifying security, because you can lock your plants up at night.  This is very important.  I also have a live surveillance camera on my plants whenever they are outside, and the picture is on a screen on my computer all day every day.  Weed TV, watch your plants grow.  2. In case of partial infestation of fungus or pests, single plants can be quarantined, and males too, when pollinating.  3. You are giving the plants enough root space to reach a good mature stature, in containers strong enough to protect the integrity of the micro-environment, i.e. the soil.  4. You are recycling.  5. You are protecting yourself from poisoned pot which is just part of the USA drug war, they bust big loads, poison it, and put it back on the street.  Some makes people more susceptible to heart attacks, especially when tasered.  Non-lethal weapons indeed.  The American police state is a mafia in uniform.  The American military is just one big drug cartel.

5.  The more direct sunlight your plants can get the better they will grow.  They need at least 5 hours of direct sunlight daily to grow well.  Don't foliage feed or spray water on the plants when they are in direct sun though, it can harm them.

6. I use inverted wire-mesh waste baskets I get at the dollar store as cages over my plants when they are little and outside, until they are large enough the bugs quit bothering them.  Keeps the cat out too, which is necessary as well, because he is a nosy little beast.  Sometimes I just cut the bottom out of the basket cover and let the plant grow up through it.  Malathion, and pyrethrin are used sometimes to control aphids or mites, and bugs can be a real problem.  Don't spray your plants within a month of harvest though.  Unless there is too much water in the environment bugs can usually be handled.  Nicotine spray made from cigarettes and water is a good insecticide and organic.  You can remove some pests by hand, and also remove blighted leaves as they happen, keeping whatever it is from spreading.  Just take individual leaves if possible, don't remove any whole leaves or fan leaves unless absoutely necessary.  Fungus can be treated with fungicide or sulphur powder in water.  If there is too much rain causing bad things to happen, like bugs and fungus, you can bring your plants under cover because they are in buckets.  I have had to do this more than once.

7.  If the plants wilt they probably need water.  Usually the 5 gallon buckets will hold water for 2-3 days at a time, though the plants in buckets need more watering than outside plants, as a rule.  If a bucket drains well it is difficult to over water, just keep it around once or twice a week if possible.  Larger plants need more water and will dry out their soil much faster than small plants.  Small plants need to stay moist most of the time, at least around the surface and stem, until the root system becomes extensive.

8. When the plants begin to flower I sprinkle Miracle Grow crystals on the dirt surface around the plant, that way every time they get watered they get fertilized.  That is not for everyone, and you can overdo it, so be careful, but the plant needs a lot more of certain things during flowering and the MG fert has it.

9.  If you want seedless bud, then pull all the males up  as they appear.  They can be smoked.  The males are the ones with the little balls.  They will almost always flower first.  If you want seed, save and dry a good male with well developed pollen sacs in an enclosed box of some sort, and collect the pollen from the bottom of the box when the pollen sacs dry out and burst.  Apply to small buds at bottom of a female plant with a paintbrush.  Don't overdo it or you will end up with pounds of seeds versus pounds of bud.

10.  When mature, pull the plants up and hang upside down to dry for a week or more.  You can tell when its time to harvest because the white hairs on the female buds start to turn brown or orange.  When half of the plants white hairs are darkened, its time to harvest.  Seeds take at least ten days and preferably 30 days to mature, once the plant is pollinated.  Good luck.  There is a ton of stuff on the net to help you along in your farming endeavors.


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

100 years of high paying work for America

heres 100 years of high paying work for america:
1. destroy the bush crime families military drug cartel and police/secrecy state. all police must become part of the army corp of engineers. if private concerns need more security than their right to own guns, then let them pay for it out of their own pockets. no more elite policing which is just a liberty eroding force created by our bankruptcies according to the global estate trust, all created by the main arm of internationalalist mind control propaganda, hollywood.
2. the army corp of engineers must merge with nasa. new tech can be developed now outside the primitive rocketry used by idiots like the bush crime families german nazi nasa. fix the roads and bridges first, instead of building new things in saudi arabia, iran, iraq, and all the bush drug cartel countries.  Also use this new corp of engineers for environmental repair, which is badly needed here.  Search and study super fund sites.  That is only one grain of sand on a beach, believe me.
3. fix the moon. hurry up. the orbit is perturbed beyond belief and we are whistling past the graveyard like a bunch of monkeys. Demand full disclosure of all space discoveries. ie why is the gravity of the moon so much less than predicred mathematically? because it is nothing like it seems.
4. Tax the churches. kill your tv. vote libertarian. wake the fuck up.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Some More Truth About The New Deal

The Mythology of Roosevelt and the New Deal
by Robert Higgs

The Great Depression was a watershed in American
history. Soon after Herbert Hoover assumed the
presidency in 1929, the economy began to decline,
and between 1930 and 1933 the contraction assumed
catastrophic proportions never experienced before
or since in the United States. Disgusted by
Hoover's inability to stem the collapse, in 1932
the voters elected Franklin Delano Roosevelt,
along with a heavily Democratic Congress, and set
in motion the radical restructuring of
government's role in the economy known as the
New Deal.

With few exceptions, historians have taken a
positive view of the New Deal. They have generally
praised such measures as the massive relief
programs for the unemployed; the expanded federal
regulation of agriculture, industry, finance, and
labor relations; the establishment of a legal
minimum wage; and the creation of Social Security
with its oldage pensions, unemployment insurance,
and income supplements for dependent children in
single-parent families, the aged poor, the
physically handicapped, and the blind. In the
construction of the American regulatory and welfare
state, no one looms larger than FDR.

For this accomplishment, along with his wartime
leadership, historians and the general public
alike rank Franklin D. Roosevelt among the greatest
of American presidents.

Roosevelt, it is said repeatedly, restored hope to
the American people when they had fallen into
despair because of the seemingly endless depression,
and his policies "saved capitalism" by mitigating
its intrinsic cruelties and inequalities.

This view of Roosevelt and the New Deal amounts to
a myth compounded of ideological predisposition and
historical misunderstanding. In a 1936 book called
The Menace of Roosevelt and His Policies, Howard E.
Kershner came closer to the truth when he wrote
that Roosevelt took charge of our government when
it was comparatively simple, and for the most part
confined to the essential functions of government,
and transformed it into a highly complex, bungling
agency for throttling business and bedeviling the
private lives of free people. It is no exaggeration
to say that he took the government when it was a
small racket and made a large racket out of it.

As this statement illustrates, not everyone admired
FDR during the 1930s. Although historians have tended
to view Roosevelt's opponents as self-interested
reactionaries, the legions of "Roosevelt haters"
actually had a clearer view of the economic
consequences of the New Deal. The nearly 17 million
men and women who, even in Roosevelt's moment of
supreme triumph in 1936, voted for Alf Landon could
not all have been plutocrats.

Prolonging the Depression

The irony is that even if Roosevelt did help to
lift the spirits of the American people in the
depths of the depression -- an uplift for which no
compelling documentation exists -- this achievement
only led the public to labor under an illusion.
After all, the root cause of the prevailing malaise
was the continuation of the depression. Had the
masses understood that the New Deal was only
prolonging the depression, they would have had
good reason to reject it and its vaunted leader.

In fact, as many observers claimed at the time,
the New Deal did prolong the depression. Had
Roosevelt only kept his inoffensive campaign
promises of 1932 -- cut federal spending, balance
the budget, maintain a sound currency, stop
bureaucratic centralization in Washington -- the
depression might have passed into history before
his next campaign in 1936. But instead, FDR and
Congress, especially during the congressional
sessions of 1933 and 1935, embraced interventionist
policies on a wide front. With its bewildering,
incoherent mass of new expenditures, taxes,
subsidies, regulations, and direct government
participation in productive activities, the New
Deal created so much confusion, fear, uncertainty,
and hostility among businessmen and investors that
private investment, and hence overall private
economic activity, never recovered enough to
restore the high levels of production and
employment enjoyed in the 1920s.

In the face of the interventionist onslaught, the
American economy between 1930 and 1940 failed to
add anything to its capital stock: net private
investment for that elevenyear period totaled
minus $3.1 billion.2 Without capital accumulation,
no economy can grow. Between 1929 and 1939 the
economy sacrificed an entire decade of normal
economic growth, which would have increased
the national income 30 to 40 percent.

The government's own greatly enlarged economic
activity did not compensate for the private
shortfall. Apart from the mere insufficiency of
dollars spent, the government's spending tended,
as contemporary critics aptly noted, to purchase
a high proportion of sheer boondoggle. In the
words of the common-man's poet, Berton Braley,

   A dollar for the services
   A true producer renders-
   (And a dollar for experiments
     Of Governmental spenders!)
   A dollar for the earners
   And the savers and the thrifty-
    (And a dollar for the wasters,
    It's a case of fifty-fifty!). [3]

Under heavy criticism, FDR himself eventually
declared that he was "not willing that the vitality
of our people be further sapped by the giving of
doles, of market baskets, by a few hours of weekly
work cutting grass, raking leaves, or picking up
papers in the public parks. [4] Nevertheless, the
dole did continue.

Buying Votes

In this madness, the New Dealers had a method.
Despite its economic illogic and incoherence, the
New Deal served as a massive vote-buying scheme.
Coming into power at a time of widespread
destitution, high unemployment, and business
failures, the Roosevelt administration recognized
that the president and his Democratic allies in
Congress could appropriate unprecedented sums
of money and channel them into the hands of
recipients who would respond by giving political
support to their benefactors. As John T. Flynn
said of FDR, "it was always easy to interest him
in a plan which would confer some special benefit
upon some special class in the population in
exchange for their votes" and eventually "no
political boss could compete with him in any
county in America in the distribution of money
and jobs." [5]

In buying votes, the relief programs for the
unemployed, especially the Federal Emergency
Relief Administration, the Civilian Conservation
Corps, and the Works Progress Administration,
loomed largest, though many other programs
promoted the same end. Farm subsidies, price
supports, credit programs, and related measures
won over much of the rural middle class. The
labor provisions of the National Industrial
Recovery Act and later the National Labor Relations
Act and the Fair Labor Standards Act purchased
support from the burgeoning ranks of the labor
unions. Homeowners supported the New Deal out
of gratitude for the government's refinancing
of their mortgages and its provision of homeloan
guarantees. Even blacks, loyal to the Republican
Party ever since the Civil War, abandoned the
GOP in exchange for the pittances of relief
payments and the tag ends of employment in
the federal work-relief programs. Put it all
together and you have what political scientists
call the New Deal Coalition -- a potent political
force that remained intact until the 1970s.

Inept, Arrogant Advisers Journalists titillated
the public with talk of Roosevelt's "Brain
Trust" -- his coterie of policy advisers before
and shortly after his election in 1932, of whom
the most prominent were the Columbia University
professors Raymond Moley, Rexford Guy Tugwell,
and Adolph A. Berle. In retrospect it is obvious
that these men's ideas about the causes and cure
of the depression ranged from merely wrongheaded
to completely crackpot.

Like most other New Dealers, they viewed the
collapse of prices as the cause of the depression,
and therefore they regarded various means of
raising prices, especially cartelization and
other measures to restrict market supply, as
appropriate in the circumstances. Raise farm
prices, raise industrial prices, raise wage
rates, raise the price of gold. Only one price
should fall, namely, the price (that is, the
purchasing power) of money. Thus, all favored
inflation and, as a means to this end, the
abandonment of the gold standard, which had
previously kept inflation more or less in

Subsequent advisers, the "happy hot dogs" (after
their mentor and godfather, Harvard law professor
Felix Frankfurter), such as Tom Corcoran, Ben
Cohen, and James Landis, who rose to prominence
during the mid-1930s, had no genuine economic
expertise. But they contributed mightily to
FDR's swing away from accommodating business
interests and toward assaulting investors as
a class, whom he dubbed "economic royalists"
and blamed for the depression and other social

Early and late, the president's advisers shared
at least one major opinion: that the federal
 government should intervene deeply and widely
in economic life; that government spending,
employing, and regulating, all directed by
"experts" such as themselves, could repair the
various perceived defects of the market system
and restore prosperity while achieving greater
social justice. Even at the time, many thoughtful
onlookers found the overweening arrogance of
these deluded policy advisers to be their most
distinctive trait. As James Burnham wrote of
them in his 1941 book, The Managerial
Revolution, "they are, sometimes openly, scornful
of capitalists and capitalist ideas .... They
believe that they can run things, and they like
to run things. [6]  More recently, even a
sympathetic left-liberal historian, Alan Brinkley,
wrote that the hardcore New Dealers embraced
government planning "with almost religious
veneration." [7]

The Misleading Analogy of War

Many of the New Dealers, including FDR himself (as
assistant secretary of the navy), had been active
in the wartime administration of Woodrow Wilson.
Ruminating on how to deal with the depression, they
seized on an analogy: the war was a national
emergency, and we dealt with it by creating
government agencies to control and mobilize the
private economy; the depression is a national
emergency, and therefore we can deal with it by
creating similar agencies. Hence arose a succession
of government organizations modeled on wartime
precedents. The Agricultural Adjustment Administration
resembled the Food Administration; the National
Recovery Administration resembled the War Industries
Board; the Reconstruction Finance Corporation (created
under Hoover but greatly expanded under Roosevelt)
resembled the War Finance Corporation; the National
Labor Relations Board resembled the War Labor Board;
the Tennessee Valley Authority resembled the Muscle
Shoals project; the Civilian Conservation Corps
resembled the army itself. The list went on and

In his first inaugural speech, Roosevelt declared,
"we must move as a trained and loyal army willing to
sacrifice for the good of a common discipline." He
warned that should Congress fail to act to his
satisfaction, he would seek "broad executive power
to wage a war against the emergency as great as the
power that would be given me if we were in fact
invaded by a foreign foe." However stirring the
rhetoric, this approach to dealing with the depression
rested on a complete misapprehension. The requisites
of successfully prosecuting a war had virtually
nothing in common with the requisites of getting
the economy out of a depression. (Moreover, the
President and his supporters greatly overestimated
how successful their wartime measures had been -- the
war had ended before the many defects of those
measures became widely understood.)

A Pure Political Opportunist

Roosevelt did not trouble himself with serious
thinking. Flynn referred to an aspect of his
character as "the free and easy manner in which
he could confront problems about which he knew
very little." [8]  Nor did he care that he knew
very little; his mind sailed on the surface.

Fundamentally he was without any definite political
or economic philosophy. He was not a man to deal in
fundamentals .... The positions he took on political
and economic questions were not taken in accordance
with deeply rooted political beliefs but under the
influence of political necessity.... He was in every
sense purely an opportunist. [9]

An indifferent student and later a wealthy, handsome,
and popular young man about town, FDR had distinguished
himself mainly by his amiable and charming personality.
A born politician -- which is to say, he was devious,
manipulative, and mendacious -- Roosevelt had a flair
for campaigning and for posturing before and propagandizing
the public. Though millions hated him with a white-hot
passion, there is no gainsaying that far more loved him,
and millions regarded him as a savior -- as the New York
Times editorialized on June 18, 1933, "the Heaven-sent
man of the hour." [10]

If demagoguery were a powerful means of creating
prosperity, then FDR might have lifted the country out
of the depression in short order. But in 1939, ten years
after its onset and six years after the commencement of
the New Deal, 9.5 million persons, or 17.2 percent of
the labor force, remained officially unemployed (of whom
more than 3 million were enrolled in emergency government
make-work projects). Roosevelt was a masterful politician,
but unfortunately for the American people subjected to his
policies, he had no idea how to end the depression other
than to "try something" and, when that didn't work, to
try something else. His ill-conceived, politically shaped
experiments so disrupted the operation of the market
economy and so discouraged the accumulation of capital
that they impeded the full recovery that otherwise would
have occurred. His followers revered him then, and many
people revere him still, as a great leader. But what does
it avail a lost and thirsty man if his leader only wanders
about in the desert?


Although Roosevelt and the New Dealers failed to end
the depression, they succeeded in revolutionizing the
institutions of American political and economic life
and changing the country's dominant ideology. Even
today, 60 years after the New Deal ran out of steam,
its legacies remain, still hampering the successful
operation of the market economy and diminishing
individual liberties.

One need look no further than an organization chart of
the federal government. There one finds such agencies as
the Export-Import Bank, the Farm Credit Administration,
the Rural Development Administration (formerly the
Farmers Home Administration), the Federal Deposit
Insurance Corporation, the Federal Housing Administration,
the National Labor Relations Board, the Rural Utility
Service (formerly the Rural Electrification
Administration), the Securities and Exchange Commission,
the Social Security Administration, and the Tennessee
Valley Authority -- all of them the offspring of the New
Deal. Each in its own fashion interferes with the
effective operation of the free market. By subsidizing,
financing, insuring, regulating, and thereby diverting
resources from the uses most valued by consumers, each
renders the economy less productive than it could
be -- and all in the service of one special interest
or another.

Once the New Deal had burst the dam between 1933 and
1938, ample precedent had been set for virtually any
government program that could gain sufficient political
support in Congress. Limited constitutional government,
especially after the Supreme Court revolution that began
in 1937, became little more than an object of nostalgia
for classical liberals.

But in the wake of the New Deal, the ranks of the
classical liberals diminished so greatly that they
became an endangered species. The legacy of the New
Deal was, more than anything else, a matter of
ideological change. Henceforth, nearly everyone would
look to the federal government for solutions to problems
great and small, real and imagined, personal as well as
social. After the 1930s, opponents of a proposed federal
program might object to its structure, its personnel,
or its cost, but hardly anyone objected on the grounds
that the program was by its very nature improper to
undertake at the federal level of government.

"People in the mass," wrote H.L. Mencken, "soon grow used
to anything, including even being swindled. There comes a
time when the patter of the quack becomes as natural and
as indubitable to their ears as the texts of Holy Writ,
and when that time comes it is a dreadful job debamboozling
them." [11] Six decades after the New Deal, Americans
overwhelmingly take for granted the expansive,
something-for-nothing character of the federal government
established by the New Dealers. For Democrats and
Republicans alike, Franklin Delano Roosevelt looms as
the most significant political figure of the twentieth

But however significant his legacies, Roosevelt deserves
no reverence. He was no hero. Rather, he was an
exceptionally resourceful political opportunist who
harnessed the extraordinary potential for personal and
party aggrandizement inherent in a uniquely troubled and
turbulent period of American history. By wheeling and
dealing, by taxing and spending, by ranting against
"economic royalists" and posturing as the friend of the
common man, he got himself elected time after time. But
for all his undeniable political prowess, he prolonged
the depression and fastened on the country a bloated,
intrusive government that has been trampling on the
people's liberties ever since.

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What Is The Straw Man?

What/Who is the Straw Man?
by Jesse Enloe - July 28, 1999

Straw man, as defined in Black’s Law Dictionary, 6th Edition:    A
“front”; a third party who is put up in name only to take part in a
transaction. Nominal party to a transaction; one who acts as an agent
for another for the purpose of taking title to real property and
executing whatever documents and instruments the principal may direct
respecting the property. Person who purchases property for another to
conceal identity of real purchaser, or to accomplish some purpose
otherwise not allowed. [Emphasis added]

There’s no telling when the deception really started, but one of the
first major events was the incorporation of the United States in 1871,
with the final act occurring in 1878. It appears from the Statutes at
Large that this was only the incorporation of the District of Columbia,
but in the final act the phrase “District of Columbia or United States”
is used making the phrases interchangeable and allowing the United
States to operate as a corporation.

The so-called government is not the government created by the
Constitution, it is a Corporation operating in COMMERCE for a PROFIT.
Every transaction is now considered by the US, INC. to be a commercial
transaction by fictional entities (fictions at law).

What is a Fiction at Law?

A fiction at law, or legal fiction, is an artificially created entity
that is only contemplated in law. In other words, it is not real except
in the eyes of the law written by men.

Legal fiction’s are the opposite of natural entities, such as people. A
created legal fiction is endowed by the law to have some privileges that

resemble the rights that people have, such as the right to hold property

and to sue and be sued.

The most common legal fictions are corporations and trusts. These have
been around for quite some time with their main purpose being to limit
the liability of the people holding the corporation or trust, allowing
them to NOT be personally responsible for their actions.

Legal Fictions are not compatible with the Common Law, which is the law
our land was founded upon. In common law, everyone is responsible for
his own actions and is held accountable and responsible for any
wrongdoing (harming another in any way)

What does this have to do with me?

In 1933, the governors of all the states met to discuss the “emergency”
declared by FDR and to support the new process that was being
established. The “government” was in bankruptcy and had to be funded in
its state of bankruptcy.

The governors made a “pledge” to the U.S., INC. to fund it. The pledge
was that the assets and the energy of the people would back the
“government” and secure the debt. But there was one little problem.
Natural living people cannot mix with legal fictions (corporations) so
it was necessary to create a “bridge” between the fictions and the
people to bring the people under and make them subservient to the
“government” corporation.

When the governors made the pledge, they agreed to register the birth
certificates of the people with the U.S. Department of Commerce. The
birth certificate is the security instrument (collateral) used to back
up the pledge. The legal fiction was created by using the name on the
birth certificate and writing it in all capital letters, the designation

for a legal fiction. Then, because of the “pledge” YOU were determined
to be the surety for the legal fiction.

Surety means: The one who is responsible to pay.

So, when the government or any corporation uses any process whatsoever
they are using it against the legal fiction, which they want YOU  to
think IS YOU. But when your name is written in all capital letters, IT
IS NOT YOUR NAME!!. It is the designation of a legal fiction that is an
entirely separate entity. A living human cannot be a legal fiction, and
a legal fiction cannot be a living human. One is real or natural, the
other is created by “law.”

Whenever a government agency (such as a court) determines liability it
is a liability of the legal fiction or Straw Man since everything is
done in commerce. You are presumed, as evidenced by the pledge of your
governor, to be the surety for the Straw Man and you must pay the

REMEMBER: Every transaction is presumed by the “government” to be a
transaction in commerce by a legal fiction.

What’s the Answer?

The only way out of this is to defeat the presumption that you are the
surety for the Straw Man (legal fiction).

The “Redemption Process”, otherwise called the “Acceptance for Value”
process, is the most promising way to defeat this presumption, using the

Uniform Commercial Code which is the “law” that the fictional commercial

world operates under.

The first step is to “Capture the Straw Man.” This is done by filing a
UCC-1 financing statement to secure a claim against the all capitalized
legal fiction, or Straw Man.

The next step is to accept your birth certificate for value and become
the Holder in Due Course of that document. You will also want to accept
for value your Drivers License and the Social Security Number that was
assigned to the Straw Man.

The UCC-1 claim and the acceptance of these documents will REDEEM you
from the commercial system and establish documented evidence to defeat
the presumption that you are the surety for the Straw Man.

When the birth certificate is accepted for value, YOU become the Holder
in Due Course and the Governor’s position in the equation is also
changed. Since the Governor is the GUARANTOR of the pledge when you are
no longer the surety he/she becomes the surety for the Straw Man. It is
my understanding that when this happens the Governor must then post a
bond equal to the value you placed on your acceptance.

It’s very much like if the Governor co-signed on a loan for a car for
you and you stopped making the payments, the bank then looks to HIM for
the payments.

I don’t know about you, but personally I LOVE THIS IDEA!!! Now if I get
a traffic ticket, I can just let the Governor pay the fine, since he is
the surety for the Straw Man and is liable for all debts/fines/judgments

incurred by the Straw Man.

This is not intended to be an instruction on how to use the Redemption
Process, but merely to give a basic understanding of the “fictional
commercial world” we have been operating in, and how they have “bridged
the gap” between this and the real live people and drawn us into their
Babylonian system as a surety for a legal fiction.

It is also the intention of this writing to establish in your mind that

FOR THE STRAW MAN (Legal Fiction).