Friday, September 9, 2016

We Can Stop Being Stupid Now

    Many people have the understandable impulse to go out and express rage over what has been done to them and in their names, but any violence only plays into the hands of those guilty of these crimes (The Police State).  They have the guns and the tanks and the tasers and the clubs.    They also presume to have the moral authority and responsibility to stop "rebellion and insurrection" -- morever, they get paid out of your pockets for doing so.

     The correct and only strategy that works against them is precisely that employed not so long ago by Ghandi.  Non violent non-cooperation.

     They didn't create you.  They don't own you.  You are not their employee.  By what authority do they address you and demand that you do anything at all?  So long as you are not harming anyone or damaging property, they have no right to even speak to you unless spoken to.

     When did you knowingly, willingly, and under conditions of full disclosure sign any contract subjecting your will to theirs?  When and where did you give them consent to charge their debts to your account?

    Ask them.  Drag them out into the open air and make them show you the contract obligating you.  If they say the Constitution, ask which Constitution?  Which "State"?  Ask them to show you your signature on the document in question.  Be tough minded, polite, and determined, remembering always that most of the people involved in implementing this system have no idea that they are doing anything wrong.

     Each one of you are literally Kings and Queens (Sovereign).  Its only because you have abdicated your own throne that the world is the sorry disjointed unfair and ugly place that it is.  Its up to you to make other choices, and dream other dreams.

    From the book "You Know Something Is Wrong When.....An American Affidavit Of Probable Cause" by Anna Maria Riezinger, James Clinton Belcher


     Government cannot govern without the consent and cooperation of the governed.  Consent here in the FEDERAL RESERVE STATES OF AMERICA INC. is either given willingly, or coerced.  Coercion takes many forms, unrevealed contracts being the head of the list, with straight up terror and violence by a gargantuan and militarized police state running a close second.  If you have any doubts about this, then you are probably paid by the police forces.  Real Americans can easily see the predation taking place daily, a predation used to feed the worlds largest prison industry, to keep the cops in money.

     Vote Libertarian 2016 to end the police state!

     Police are being militarized more and more every day, they are an occupying force on American soil.  Lawyers, the main beneficiaries of the police state, actually have to pass a BAR exam to practice law in "American" courts.  BAR stands for British Accreditation Registry.  Once the lawyer passes the BAR they become part of the international noble class, with a title of nobility, Esquire. 

     This is because know one has the wherewithal anymore to even understand the difference between federal reserve law, and common law.  Common law has a lot to do with common sense, as its name implies.  Federal reserve law has a lot to do with profit.  Federal reserve law is in many ways a type of corporate law, where bankruptcies are rife, and used to steal liberty, peace, and prosperity from the people at large so that a large international elite can grow larger.  The federal reserve elite, and their scumbag media.  The only way to get around this is non-violent non-cooperation with the perpetrators whose religion is chaos and conflict.


     You must firmly insist on being allowed to live a normal, peaceful, and prosperous life.

     Vote Libertarian 2016.  We don't have to be stupid any more. 

Homeland Security To Control Elections?

The royal machine put in place by the federal reserve government of BILL CLINTON and JORGE BUSH is intent on stealing whatever it has to to keep the police state in place. Most people do not realize what Romney was supposed to be. The new NSA facility in Salt Lake Utah is just another Washington DC for the west coast. Total surveillance using all available technologies. Can you say mormon Domination? I knew you could.

Vote Libertarian 2016. End the police state and all the ignorant religious dominance.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

No More

The load rolled in from a mountainous legal state. Lot of that these days. Our "Improving economy" is not because of management, its because the black market is slowly going away. Vote Libertarian to end the Police State! Do yourselves some good for a change.

After sorting and hanging prodigious quantities of monster colas, the dudes told me to burn what was left because it was wet and starting to rot. So I did. I cast the spell of fire-making, I flicked my bic, thereby opening instantaneous portals to the surface of the sun, which conveniently stay open as long as there is fuel to burn. Magic. The real question is this: how many types of portals are there? And what are the recipes?

I made very special campfires for a week or so. Found a little good in amongst the bad, had to sort it out, which I did as I burned. It was my pay for a couple weeks clipping. I was paid well. Saw to it. Also had 14 females of my own that year, which I split with the partner, but where I was then wasn't the mountains, it was the rainy sea-level tropics, and it wasn't the same.

There were seven or eight really good strains evident in the out-of-state load, and a couple small-yield oddballs the growers had sown for themselves. The Diesel Bud was awesome; burned and tasted like cut-up rubber bands. Thud. Brain. Cotton. Mouth. One of the government strains, a Kentucky variety, had thin little buds but she were wicked potent, she were. Uplifting, a real high.

There was even Blueberry, and White Widow.

Most of the stuff I was able to pull from the fire went to buy a quick ticket away, a decent used truck. It was a trade actually, no cash involved, commerce happens, like it always has.

Many taxes were paid too, don't worry about that: drivers license, registration, title transfer, insurance, GAS. Puh-lenty of taxes were paid, you bet, and its not over yet. Taxes aren't over until you die. And if you aren't good people you don't go to heaven either, you come back here, born again -- If you can fucking imagine that -- to pay taxes for more lifetimes. A type of hell.

Just kidding, just kidding. Kind of.

About three quarters of the Campfire Stash went to the used truck, the rest went to my head, and my head got right, oh yeahhhhhh. I had a lot of bud to smoke for months, bonanza days, except after a few months I developed quite a tolerance. Everyone should have such problems. Eventually I ran out again, because that was in the cards. My tolerance went away, and by that time a few of the strains were growing from seeds macked out of the mountain grown stuff. I took it somewhere new. Out west, to different mountains, its new New Mexico weed now. I already had a good stash of Gila V seed; that stuffs been going on for a long time; high altitude, double ultraviolet, hard cold snaps early. Lots of resin.

Mind Grease.
I wanted males out of that Gila V but only got one, aw shux. Don't worry, it was plenty. Maybe it was a message from The Goddess. I am ever the optimist. I know of a Gila Valley grower who once went four for four, he got four males and had only sprouted four plants! They were all over three feet tall before he could tell. Not the happiest camper.

The eight plants of mine that made it were half and half, four were Gila V, and four were types I was able to sprout from the big load. The brands from the big load were all female, as I had expected. Out of the four I got from my Gila Strain three were females, which is better than average. Maybe the trick is wanting males, I don't know.

I wanted at least one good male from the Gila code because my exotic seeds were all derived from cloned plants double and triple femaled via seed before the clonings. Multi-generational Hermaphrodites all. Without lots of chemicals those plants are generally runts. I like organic, and basically needed to get some good local male into those Herm varieties, so I grew the runts, and pollinated with my one Gila Valley male. There is a certain charm to dwarf plants; if they are let go they coalesce into one big bud before its all said and done. Like Gainesville Gator Bites, but better.

The Gila plants can yield 30 ounces or more EACH while growing wild during a good full rainy season. With that Gila male into the Hermaphrodites, things should be a lot more productive in the future. The Gila stuff gets a shot of new genes x four, or the dwarf varieties get some local color, however you choose to see it. One way or the other, hybrid vigor is not to be sneered at. To be totally honest I am trying to achieve a certain type, one which will assist me in successfully visualizing anti-gravity mechanisms. Uh-huh.

I grew these as houseplants, moving them around as needed, and only at the end did that become a little cumbersome. I trimmed lovingly, and once the dwarfs started to bud I just kept the larger fan leaves off so the little buds on the lower branches could get some sun. I smoked those fans and was impressed. Good taste and a nice ka-pow, especially for leaf. Overall not many of those exotic seeds went off, some were probably quad femaled by time it was all over, with clonings in there somewhere. Viability suffered greatly.

The Gila females produced well as usual, and that bud never fails to please. I left those out in the cold at the end, and it darkened them nicely with excess resin which of course was produced to keep themselves from freezing. Less water and sunny sunny SUNNY days around 5000 feet rounded them out. It ain't Thunderfuck, but it ain't bad.

The 4 exotics seeded well, and yes, its true that the seed bracts are the most potent part of a bud. Those girlz grew long enough to make sure the seeds were well formed, with good viability. Pretty things they are, those seeds; little match heads of slow green fire, magic particles that work perfectly here in this dirt, in the crust of this planet, as if they were made for it.

Personally I think the people of the last world, before it devolved, put all their best drugs in plants, to guard against loss from the inevitable crustal displacements and impact cataclysms. Whether caused by impact, or imbalance at the poles, or even people monkeying around with antenna tectonics, crustal displacements do occur periodically here, and then its back to the stone age for us. Even for the people of the past worlds, who were a lot more advanced than our dumb asses. Just Sayin'.

Are we not men? WE ARE DEVO.
My plants were alternated between direct sunlight and screened enclosure. They did better in the screened area, because the NM sun can be brutal, and usually is. Direct sunlight is good for finishing, but the plants are not stressed under the screen, they are happier and grow better with some of the sunlight blocked. I like to foliage feed my plants with plain water misted once a day. Toward the end of flowering some little mites spun a few webs, so I made a very dilute solution from tobacco and water, misted the plants with that, one application took care of the problem. Nicotine is a powerful organic insecticide. Don't over do it. I used one teaspoon of fresh rolling tobacco to sixteen ounces of water. Just let the tobacc sit in the water for an hour or so, it will turn it light brown, you are good to go

My only real mistake happened when I tried to stop early flowering in one of the exotics by topping it. It barely made it back and ended up as a dinky little malformed bud plant. For the record it did not stop flowering, it just never entered real vegetative growth. I did get seeds from it and it was primo pot, what little there was.

I grow for myself only, I never sell. If theres enough and there is a need among friends, then it is gifted. Sometimes I trade. I live over 200 miles from the nearest dispensary, and I have lived most of my life in terror of the American police state, without my medicine.

No More.


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