Tuesday, May 23, 2017

100 years of high paying work for America

heres 100 years of high paying work for america:
1. destroy the bush crime families military drug cartel and police/secrecy state. all police must become part of the army corp of engineers. if private concerns need more security than their right to own guns, then let them pay for it out of their own pockets. no more elite policing which is just a liberty eroding force created by our bankruptcies according to the global estate trust, all created by the main arm of internationalalist mind control propaganda, hollywood.
2. the army corp of engineers must merge with nasa. new tech can be developed now outside the primitive rocketry used by idiots like the bush crime families german nazi nasa. fix the roads and bridges first, instead of building new things in saudi arabia, iran, iraq, and all the bush drug cartel countries.  Also use this new corp of engineers for environmental repair, which is badly needed here.  Search and study super fund sites.  That is only one grain of sand on a beach, believe me.
3. fix the moon. hurry up. the orbit is perturbed beyond belief and we are whistling past the graveyard like a bunch of monkeys. Demand full disclosure of all space discoveries. ie why is the gravity of the moon so much less than predicred mathematically? because it is nothing like it seems.
4. Tax the churches. kill your tv. vote libertarian. wake the fuck up.

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